As Told by Shelly is a Web Show hosted by Shelly Shenanigans. The goal of this show is to be entertaining while also having the viewer walk away have learned something. Premieres every Monday @ 5:00PM EST

Fair Warning: You may be inspired to believe in yourself after watching! Happy Watching!

EP.19 Valentines Day Heels Dance
EP.18 Can You Beat Shazam??
EP.17 Church people Be Judgmental AF!
EP.16 Skinny Dudes Love Big Girls
EP.15 Come With Me To The FriskMeGood Fashion Show!
EP.14 Excellence Going Into 2021 & Beyond
EP.13 1st Annual Best Of’s 2020
EP.12 The Stars Said… What?!
EP.11 Swallow or Spit
EP10. The Crazy Roommates: She’s Nuts!
EP.9 I Stepped On The Scale For The First Time In Years
EP.8 Come Check Out My Affirmation Wall
EP.7 Come Learn Tumbling & Beginner Gymnastics With Me
EP.6 Insecurities I’m Currently Struggling With
EP.5 Come Learn Self Defense & Beginner MMA With Me
EP.4 Making Vegan Food For the First Time
EP.3 My Right To Live Isn’t Politics
EP.2 New Party Game 2020
EP. 1 Welcome To Show!